Freedom is not free

Just not enough a person should have Sunshine and a little flower. Quite true if you look at its deeper meaning.. obviously from your point of view.Most of us in today’s world like something beautiful..the quote mentioned above is just telling us about a little flower (something beautiful) however in the world where we live today everything us not free won’t get anything for free even(you may have to buy the flower)and even if you want to grow it you still need to come out of your comfort zone and dig the soil for the flower seeds.This is related to freedom because if we want the right to speak and to be heard we really need to come out of our comfort zone like (when we did…to place the flower seeds)it may seem tiering at first but as we wait and keep on working hard out of our comfort zone we will see the first new tiny result of freedom*the right to speak and be heard… just like the small flower growing as the result of our hardwork.And all the heat and insects trying to stop us from letting our little plant to grow are just like the negative vibes stopping us from being heard and bringing justice to the victims.Remember….in spite of all the insects and heat we still worked hard in order for our plant to grow just like that…when it comes to seeking freedom forget about everything stopping you from being heard and just continue with your strategy to be heard and by doing this you are making this world a better place for everyone.Because by doing this you are encouraging more people to be like you ….And just watch…in the nearing future we will be heard

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