We look up to you Brothers!!

Today somewhere around the globe (a women)is getting abused.She can be someone’s mother,daughter,sister or wife. Why are they getting abused?And then I started thinking and came to a conclusion that the very poor soul who is getting tortured is because the abuser sees her as someone whose only duty is to give and if she doesn’t give the abuser what he wants …he will snatch it from her….and punish her for his own pleasure…. (disgusting)….Why does that very abuser forget that today he is in this world because of he is mother who is also a women.Would he like if he is mother was abused too.And yet again he forgets that his mother took immense pain to give birth to him which only a woman can do….so …just imagine…how strong a woman is…if she can go through so much pain for someone else’s welfare than…THINK again what that very lady can do if she gets angry …. she can bring our very world to an end…. because without her there is no one else who can give birth to our future leaders who can make this world a better place.In today’s day and age we tell the girls in our families to not get raped or to always watch their backs when they walk down the streets rather why don’t we tell the boys in our family DON’T RAPE!!! Or always watch a girl’s back on the street as she can be someone’s sister.Maybe by doing this us females won’t think(Oh no!!there is a group of boys there….what will happen if they abuse me.. what will i do…) instead we will start to think {Thank goodness ….there is a group of boys …atleast I will be able to look up to someone if I get lost}So instead of saying let’s unite ladies today I will say Men You Are Like our Brothers so help bring a revolution so that us women will start to feel much safer around you …..because out there….there is only few guys who are making us Women lives terrible and is shaming You Men.Men who wants to make this world a better place for females are the real men.So Brothers Now We Look Up To You

6 thoughts on “We look up to you Brothers!!

  1. Hello I wanted to tell you I truly enjoyed your blogs. This one about women being abused is very very important issue in this day and age. I am one man who has always protected women where ever I have gone. A man who beats, rapes of abuses a woman is not a man !! Keep posting these great blogs !! Thank you also for following my blog !!

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  2. 👏👏👏👏👏 This is really a great post, and it truly described the meaning behind it…. In the today’s world why is not safe for women/girl cause we only always teaches a women/girl that how should you have to behave, walk in public, but never even try to teach the manner to a boy/man that he doesn’t have to look down on girls…. Cause she is also somebody’s sister, daughter & mother…..

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