We Are The World…We Are The Children.

.Our world leaders sometimes forget that there simple disagreement can put billions of lives in danger.I am a 14yr old teen-ager with high aspirations to make this world a better place so that in the nearing future …. children of my age can achieve their goals without any limitations or fear.My main aim to write this article today is to tell all the teens out there “You are the future….but remember that if a war breaks out involving your motherland… Don’t let the negative forces stop U from achieving your dreams.. Because now you got a more important reason to make this world a better place.”Remember We Are The World We Are The Children.

9 thoughts on “We Are The World…We Are The Children.

  1. I just read this blog today. I am impressed with your clear attitude and approach to wanting to make the world a better place for your age group who will be taking the reins of leadership in this world in another 6 years or so. Keep going and never give up on your dreams ! Dreams are what fuels the best creative minds of all generations. Looking forward to seeing more blogs like this. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

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