A Hard Lesson Learnt.

Don’t go through circumstances in life rather Grow through it.

In our life…we come across several situations…Some bring great memories…while others bring good lessons.

You(the one reading this)…have gone through immense pain,hard time,betrayal at some point in your life.At most times you had thought that it’s time for you to give up…but …here you are now (you achieved your aspirations.. overcame your hard times)

And became a Winner

You didn’t let your hard times play you but rather you changed the game and won it.

After coming to an entire different environment..I had a sense of hopelessness.I didn’t know what will happen on terms of my caree or

how will I fit in?

But here I am… After.. so much worrying.. and confusing times.. I am still standing.. and planning on how to achieve my goals further.

This is a hard lesson learnt: Sometimes in life :You will be kicked ,punched or thrown around…but in the end you have to take a stand , brush off your dirt and fight it..with only one aim in mind{Finish This Now!!! Because you have a much better future waiting at the back of this}

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