Failure is the pillar to Succes

“Alicia was running,then she tend to fell down because of some rocks placed  roughly on her path”

Here, Alicia is _YOU…and her running represents you working towards your  goal .But  in our lives we face some sort of difficulties which disturbs our sole plan and this is symbolized by the pebble.Therefore ,we were working towards our goal and faced a difficult which caused us to take a few steps backward.{In accordance to the scenario above)}


“Alicia was screaming out in pain,as she fell quite roughly ,but that very hurt gave her the urge to keep on running.And yet she stood tall and carried on with her journey”

Thus, we all are strong -willed like Alicia.Every human is! But it is up to us on wether we make the decision to take a step back wards or rather;~take a step backward so that we can get five steps ahead.

And yet this is it,Failure.. doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world but is the force pulling us backwards to push us into some much greater !!!

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