A Difference That We Can Make!

Being in a developing society like India.I often end up getting lost in my thoughts….on…how some people are living a life full of luxure…and a some.. are. living on the streets in spite of having amazing talents.M y Family is quite philanthropical…so they often tell me (No…one would ever want to end up on the street… especially the children …so when you grow up atleast provide education to one child and encourage people to do the same)Now when I read blogs of amazing people about how they want to make our world a better place…I realize…what my elders really meant.Children have the power to change our world as they are our next generation…but it is up to us to make sure that they change our world in a good way. Because atleast if 100 people provide education to one child each….that means we are grooming 100 world leaders who can make our world a better place to live in.And this is a Big Change that we can make!!