A Difference That We Can Make!!

Being in a developing society….I often end up getting lost in my thoughts….about how some people are successful in there life ,some are just… living and some are lying on the street… waiting to die rather than defining there life.My family is quite philanthropical….so they are always trying…to help people…..who are unprivileged so they always remind me on how to be philanthropical….and say “No one ever wanted to end up on the street…they all had there own aspirations…however…life’s cruel incidents had made them leave there life like this.Its quite hurting to see people with amazing skills starving on the streets.Sometimes I wonder…if I will end up like them.I often end up thinking….about how our youth …can end up becoming criminals as(Hunger leads to Crimes and how one day our entire world will have no future as all the youth will either be trying to survive or will be joining the Satan ‘s army and will be crucifying the innocents for their own good.However I strongly believe we can stop this from happening if we all can at least try to provide education to at least one child because knowledge is the key to success….and if this way many people…provide education to children at the different corners of the globe.We will have an entire new set of world leaders….who will be trying to make their world a better place rather than trying to find a way out of their small struggles in life.This way we will be also creating a better world for us for the nearing future and I strongly believe this will be a big Change for us and the future generations yet to come.