Failure is the pillar to Succes

“Alicia was running,then she tend to fell down because of some rocks placed  roughly on her path” Here, Alicia is _YOU…and her running represents you working towards your  goal .But  in our lives we face some sort of difficulties which disturbs our sole plan and this is symbolized by the pebble.Therefore ,we were working towards […]

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A Hard Lesson Learnt.

Don’t go through circumstances in life rather Grow through it. In our life…we come across several situations…Some bring great memories…while others bring good lessons. You(the one reading this)…have gone through immense pain,hard time,betrayal at some point in your life.At most times you had thought that it’s time for you to give up…but …here you are […]

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Life- A journey

I often end up staring at…a blank space….where..I end up having flashback…..Some memories were greatest treasures and others were lessons…for future circumstances.Life is a journey….where we give a lift to some people during our journey…to be part of this exciting adventure…some find it boring and leave us while for some people…being with us is […]

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We look up to you Brothers!!

Today somewhere around the globe (a women)is getting abused.She can be someone’s mother,daughter,sister or wife. Why are they getting abused?And then I started thinking and came to a conclusion that the very poor soul who is getting tortured is because the abuser sees her as someone whose only duty is to give and if she […]

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Freedom is not free

Just not enough a person should have Sunshine and a little flower. Quite true if you look at its deeper meaning.. obviously from your point of view.Most of us in today’s world like something beautiful..the quote mentioned above is just telling us about a little flower (something beautiful) however in the world where we […]

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